Terms & Conditions

  1. General
    The following user terms and conditions apply unabridged to the User Agreement of Routedirect.eu courier internet portal exchange. The provisions of the actual user agreement shall prevail. LenyxGroup s.r.o. is entitled to modify the user terms and conditions anytime. The modified user terms and conditions shall be communicated to the user via e-mail. They can be printed out or downloaded as amended from the platform routedirect.eu. If the user does not agree with the new version of the terms and conditions, he/she can raise an objection to them within four weeks. The user’s attention is drawn to the right to objection expressly. Amendments, modifications or side letters are admissible only in writing.
  2. The Contents of the Agreement
    Users place requirements for conclusion of transportation contracts to courier or other freight services at the freight exchange or they order them. Routedirect.eu is not a contractual partner or mediator of these freight contracts executed through the freight exchange and therefore it cannot be held liable for the users’ data stated in the requirements for conclusion of such freight contracts. All users are responsible for their data by themselves.
  3. Copyright
    The contents of the freight exchange routedirect.eu are subjects to copyright. The contents of the databank cannot be reproduced, distributed or otherwise transmitted to third parties. The right to use the databank is limited only to the premises of the user stated in the agreement. A special agreement shall be concluded in order to use the databank for other premises of the user. The mining of information required through the databank is allowed only for the actual use of the user. Other ways of data transmission to third parties or other premises of the user are not permitted and offenders can be prosecuted.
  4. Information on Data Protection
    We draw your attention to the fact that some personal data, such as the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, are collected, processed and used for the purpose of contract fulfilment. The personal data are provided to other members as well as authorities and third parties only if there is a justified interest and upon meeting of other legal requirements. Otherwise provision of the data to the third parties without user’s consent is not possible.
  5. Price Changes
    LenyxGroup s.r.o. is entitled to change prices. The user shall be informed about this fact immediately and he/she has the right to terminate the agreement within four weeks after the communication of the new prices on the following maturity date.
  6. Warranty
    LenyxGroup s.r.o. can be held liable for damages only if the company or its appointees commit gross negligence or if they cause the damage intentionally. LenyxGroup s.r.o. cannot be held liable mainly for information on users concerning their payment performance and reliability which has been entered into the evaluation system by other users. LenyxGroup s.r.o. reserves the right to verify the evaluation and to exclude the user from the system, should there be at least four negative evaluations.
  7. Evaluation System
    LenyxGroup s.r.o. cannot guarantee that each user is the natural or juridical person he/she passes themselves off since identification of Internet user is difficult. In order to reduce the risk of fraudulent behaviour, a system of evaluation, through which users can evaluate each other upon execution of the contract, has been established. Users are obliged to state true and objective data in their evaluations and to follow regulatory provisions. Users are prohibited to evaluate themselves or to provide evaluations which are unsuitable or inappropriate. They cannot goad third party on such behaviour either. Should this provision be breached, LenyxGroup s.r.o. is entitled to exclude the access of such a user and/or to erase his/her evaluation.
  8. Password and Identification
    Each user shall be provided with a password which is proof that he/she is an authorized user. Users are expressly warned that they are obliged to keep their identification and passwords secret, to record them only in such a way, so that any unauthorized access of third parties to the routedirect.eu databank to users’ expenses is prevented. Users are also held liable for the fact that their employees adhere to this duty.
  9. Application Opportunities
    LenyxGroup s.r.o. cannot be held liable for damages to users arisen from the usage of the databank. Normally the access to the databank is provided 24/7. LenyxGroup s.r.o. expressly reserves its right to interrupt access to the databank during maintenance periods. LenyxGroup s.r.o. cannot be held liable for breakdowns or troubles with access to the databank caused by an Internet provider or due to bad connection. Users are not entitled to retain monthly fee for usage partly or fully, either.
  10. Usage Rules and Conditions
    Should some problems with entering or requiring data in routedirect.eu occur, users can ask for help through telephone during normal working hours. Abuse of the freight exchange is prohibited, mainly as to entering incorrect/false information into the data system, above all regarding the amount, type of goods to be transported, place of shipping and ship-to-address or a route and contractual partner’s representative. Users are obliged to delete out-of-date offers/bids immediately from the portal of routedirect.eu.
  11. Right to Agreement Termination
    The agreement is first effective for the period of at least six months. The agreement is subject to automatic prolongation for the period chosen in the sect. 3 (3, 12 or 24 months), if it was not terminated one month before agreement expiry in writing. The right to immediate termination remains unaffected. LenyxGroup s.r.o. has the right to immediate termination mainly if the user uses the freight exchange routedirect.eu without authorization or outside the rules as well as if the user runs direct or indirect competitive business or if he/she is connected with a competitor during the effective period of user relationship. The same applies to agents and business partners. The right to termination due to competition also applies to successors in title of the user. A serious reason for immediate termination can arise mainly if the user is on default with payment for more than two months or if insolvency proceedings are led against the user or if his/her reliability is no longer guaranteed due to repeated verified negative evaluations (at least four negative evaluations).
  12. Application of Czech Law and Jurisdiction
    Czech law applies. Jurisdiction is, if allowed by law, Prague, Czech Republic.